All bookings will be subject to these same terms and conditions without exception. When you book a Listing, you are agreeing to pay all charges for your booking including all applicable fees  All customers will have deemed to have made themselves aware of these Terms & Conditions and will have accepted them in their entirety and without exception as part of their booking with us. No verbal or other communication overrides these terms and conditions in any respect whatsoever.

Booking terms and conditions
  1. All bookings are subject to availability. Your choice of date may not be available, but alternative dates will always be offered. Try to book at least two weeks ahead. To open a centre, we require a minimum spend for the group of players you wish to book. Please enquire for specific requirements for each centre.
  2. Full payment must be made to confirm your event and must be received before the date of the game. Once you have booked and confirmed your event with payment, no alterations or modifications to the selected package can be made (i.e downgrading).
  3. Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our product’s prices at any time without further notice. However, if you have ordered and paid a deposit we guarantee the price.
  4. In line with similar leisure activity providers offering a service on a certain date, all monies paid for paintball bookings operated by ourselves (including all monies paid for services provided by ourselves) are non-refundable, with the only exception detailed in point 5 of these Terms and Conditions.
  5. In the case of bereavement of an immediate family member (spouse, civil partner, mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent or grandchild) within seven days of the intended event, we will, upon application made as soon as reasonably practicable but in any event by the proposed date of the event and accompanied by a copy of the applicable death certificate, make a refund for the monies paid for your event. All applications must be sent to our Head Office – 32 Annandale Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4AN.
  6.  Payments made are final and non-refundable they cannot be altered or amended in any way – meaning that once paid you will not be able to change the date of your booking and if any member of your party is unable to attend on the date of your booking then that payment is forfeited and no credit places issued. You can pay a movement fee of £25 to change your game date to a future date which must be done 72 hours prior to your initial booking. This is also subject to agreement by the venue and to the availability of future dates.
  7. A booking is not confirmed until the game date, arrival time, venue and booking fee is applied to the invoice.
  8. When confirming your booking with payment, all bookings will incur a Booking fee charge at £15 or 5% of the transaction whichever is greater. This charge will also be applied to online bookings after the booking is confirmed.
  9. Admin charge is made for adding extras to a booking. The admin fee is charged at £5 or 5% of the transaction whichever is greater.
  10. Please ensure all players are able to make the date chosen before finalising your booking, as mistakes cannot be rectified after the booking has been made. If anyone fails to attend the event on the date you have booked, the prepayment and paintballs for that person will be forfeited.
  11. The full balance becomes payable no less than 31 days prior to the date of your event.
  12. You do not have a valid booking until you make full payment and receive final confirmation via email – should you not receive this prior to your event, please call our bookings centre on 08004102020- we’re open  7 days a week Mon to Friday 8.30 to 6 pm Sat 9 am to 5 am Sun 9 am to 1 pm.
  13. Please note that we are unable to accept liability for any errors resulting from data that you have entered incorrectly online. Please ensure that you have correctly filled in House, Street, Town and Postcode information. We also require a valid e-mail address to contact you in the event of any problems completing your enquiry form. Booking online is not confirmed. You must contact the booking office to confirm your booking
  14. The minimum age of all players on the date of the game at national centres is between 12 and 16 years old, depending on the location chosen. For laser-tag the minimum age is 8 years; for Splatmaster paintball the minimum age is 8 years. Any player under these ages on the game date, without special dispensation, will not be allowed to play For centres in Northern Ireland the minimum age is 16. For more information please speak to our customer service Team 08004102020
  15. Paintball centre locations are subject to change for reasons beyond our control and the location map is for guidance only. Bedlam Paintball simply undertakes to maintain a minimum of ten such participating venues within the UK.
  16. Only paintballs supplied by the paintball centre on the day of your event may be used at the centre. Any paintballs brought in from external sources and not supplied by the paintball centre will be confiscated and destroyed.
  17. If you are playing on a full-day session, your 100 paintballs may be given to you in the afternoon.  If you abandon the venue before the specified finish time, your paintballs will be forfeited. Players that fail to turn up on the day of your event forfeit their 100 paintballs. Paintballs are in no circumstances transferable to other members of the group.
  18. All players agree to be bound by our playing conditions and safety rules. Any player that is unable to comply with our safety instructions will be excluded from the centre without a refund.
  19. Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any discount or special offer that may be advertised on this website.
  20. Call Charges 0844 numbers: calls will cost 5p per minute from a BT landline, calls from other operators and mobile providers may vary and will be charged at their standard rates.
  21. Whilst we take great care in choosing venues for you, Bedlam acts as a booking agent and therefore is not responsible for the running, maintenance and equipment on the affiliated venues. Bedlam is not liable for any claims against injury or loss of property on-site.
    This company complies with regulations and guidelines as laid down by the Office of Fair Trading and Trading Standards for the service we offer.
  23. Your booking usually prevents others from booking at a specific time on a specific date and is therefore subject to a recognised cancellation policy for sporting activity bookings, which is in line with The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (formerly The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000)  Part 3, Section 28, Subsection (h). This means that, once the booking is in place, your right to cancel without penalty ends; Booking Taken; Loss of all monies paid.

Covid-19 Pandemic Refund Policy

In the event the business is locked down by the Government/ Local Authority your game will be put on hold and rescheduled for a later date of your choice subject to availability.


All bookings will be subject to these same terms and conditions without exception. All customers will have deemed to have made themselves aware of these Terms & Conditions and will have accepted them in their entirety and without exception as part of their booking with us. No verbal or other communication overrides these terms and conditions in any respect whatsoever.


The paintball site has the right, at all times, to refuse participants access to paintball games at any stage of the booking and remove them from their venue if in their opinion the participants are under the permitted age; are unfit to take part in the activity because of physical or mental impairment; be under the influence of alcohol or drugs; have arrived too late to take part in the pre-activity briefing; consider them to be a danger to themselves, other participants or members of staff; or are displaying aggressive and abusive behaviour (verbal or physical). If any of these occurrences apply, the booking will have been deemed to have been cancelled and cancellation charges will apply. In this event, we will not be liable to pay you any refund, compensation or any costs/expenses incurred by you. There are no exceptions.


Whilst paintball is as safe as it can be given its inherent physical dangers, it MUST be understood that all safety instructions, directions, warnings and all other instructions must be followed at all times during your time at the venue. You must listen carefully to all safety instructions and ensure you are wearing any safety equipment or clothing properly. If in any doubt you must seek further guidance and help from the activity provider immediately. You must not attempt to go beyond your capabilities or engage in risky or daring behaviour. It is a given that you undertake the activity with the full understanding of the dangers involved and accept responsibility for your own safety and the risks involved in taking part together with that of any minors for whom you have responsibility. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer before taking part. If you are in any doubt you must check with your GP prior to making any booking. If you refuse to sign a disclaimer you will not be able to take part and such an action will be treated as a cancellation.


Should you be deemed eligible for a refund the absolute maximum amount this will be is the monies you have paid to us and will not extend to consequential loss or claimed inconvenience or stress howsoever caused. No exceptions are made in this regard. If you have taken part in a paintball, or an alternative activity as a replacement, regardless of the circumstances or conditions under which you took part, then this will negate any refund claim. When a refund is applied it can take up to 72 hours to appear back in your account.


If an activity is cancelled due to bad weather or any other unavoidable circumstances by the venue, your booking will be rescheduled to a mutually convenient date for you and the venue. You can choose a date up to three months after the original booked date. Bookings at a venue where the supplier is prepared to run the session, will not be eligible for re-scheduling. In these circumstances, a customer’s decision not to take part is deemed that the booking has been cancelled and charges, as stated, will apply. Refunds are not applicable. Should you only be in the area of your booked event for a limited period of time and are unable to return to the same venue, we will either provide you with vouchers to the value of your event or hold your monies on credit so you can book into a more conveniently located venue on a date of your choosing up to 3 months after the original booked date.


If you are dissatisfied with your activity in any respect, or you have any other complaint about the activity provider or any other matter in relation to the venue or its performance, then you must speak to the activity provider on the day and come to an agreement about how you can resolve the situation. It will not be considered reasonable if you have not brought your dissatisfaction to the attention of the activity provider at the time and then complain later. If you take part in an activity, either the booked activity or a replacement offered by the activity provider on the day, it is deemed that you consider that the activity in which you took part is entirely acceptable to you and that a complaint at a later date is unlikely to be considered. Should you have a complaint about the actual booking process, please email info@bedlam.co.uk. All communications with Customer Services must be in writing, as this ensures that all aspects of the communication between us are clear and unambiguous. Once received, we will investigate and discuss the matter with the relevant parties. When we have gathered all the necessary information, we will get back to you.

All bookings will be subject to these same terms and conditions without exception. All customers will have deemed to have made themselves aware of these Terms & Conditions and will have accepted them in their entirety and without exception as part of their booking with us. No verbal or other communication overrides these terms and conditions in any respect whatsoever.

Price match promise: terms and conditions

When price matching another paintball package deal we require that operator to be able to provide a comparable paintball offer. To be considered a comparable paintball offer, the operator must meet the following criteria:

  1. The Price Match Logo must be displayed on the venue offering this deal.
  2. The paintball venue offering the deal must be within a 30-mile radius of the Bedlam Paintball venue you wish to book for. (i.e. we will not price match a paintball offer advertised for a Glasgow venue if you wish to attend our centre in Southampton)
  3. The paintball venue offering the deal must have a minimum of £5 Million Public Liability Insurance
  4. The paintball venue offering the deal must have a minimum of 5 different, currently available, outdoor game zones
  5. The paintball venue offering the deal must have a waiting area with flushing toilets and provide free tea & coffee making facilities.
  6. The paintball venue must supply the same level of equipment as part of their offer as our standard package, including but not limited to: full head safety goggles, body armour and a battle pack.
  7. Where the paintball provider includes lunch which is different to our lunch offer, a light lunch will be provided instead.
  8. The paintball offer must be made in writing, for example on a published website or letter headed invoice, and this must be available for inspection upon request.
  9. The paintball offer must be currently available and not expired.
  10. The venue will have a price match logo on their page.
  11. If the paintball offer does not meet all of the above criteria we will endeavour to negotiate a suitable alternative for your paintball booking.
  12. The price match must be done before the booking is made.

Legal disclaimer

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