Are you looking for an exciting and truly unique way to celebrate your child’s special day or even your own look no further? Paintballing birthday parties are an exhilarating experience action-packed, imaginative, and most of all, loads of fun.

And while birthday parties can be hard work to organise, we at Bedlam Paintball have many years’ experience ensuring that everyone has a good time on their special day. So take the guesswork out of planning your birthday paintballing party, and let us make sure things go smoothly. Bedlam Paintball is renowned for its realistic, custom-built Game Zones and detailed, engaging game scenarios.

Team up with your friends to achieve the target in scenarios such as Doctor Who, Capture the Flag and Stagecoach Standoff. Test your strategy and cunning, have a laugh with your mates, and most of all, celebrate your birthday with a thrilling paintball party to remember!

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Upon arriving at the Bedlam site, your group will be assigned a designated team leader who will conduct a safety briefing, explain how to use the equipment, and talk you through the game scenario. If it’s a child’s party ages 12 and up, parents are welcome to join in the game play meaning everyone involved can get in on the fun.For the younger kids we have a product call Splatmaster paintball.The starting age is 8 years up

And because we at Bedlam want to make sure your birthday paintballing party is carried out in proper style, let us know if you have any special requests, whether it be for cake or for other surprises. We can arrange for a picnic lunch to be served on site, and for the ultimate treat, you can even book exclusive use of the Bedlam site for your paintball party. At Bedlam we’re proud of our impeccable safety record and top-notch facilities and equipment.We have been leaders in the paintball industry for over 20 years, and for good reason.Let us make your paintballing birthday party a truly memorable experience contact our Events Coordinator and start planning the best party ever.

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